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Trader X1000

Highly Recommended

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Experience the Trader X1000 – our most highly recommended day trading computer. It comes standard with the latest Generation Intel Core series of processors to power all your indicators and trading platform without skipping a beat. The X1000 can be configured to support up to 8 monitors, with support for 3 monitors by default. The X1000 offers the highest performance, lowest priced option for the professional day trader.


Optimized for Low-Latency

As a leading Trading Computer manufacturer since 2013, Orbital Computers has fine-tuned our Trading PCs to provide the fastest order execution time, lowest data latency, and highest reliability possible. Every component is carefully scrutinized for latency and general trading performance before it makes it into our Trading PCs. From our CPU selection that maximizes single-thread frequencies, to low latency RAM, and high performance multi-monitor support, to the network interface we utilize, our systems are built to eliminate as many bottlenecks as possible from your trading workflow. Give us a call at 877-976-7510 to discuss your trading requirements and we’ll put together a system that’s custom tailored to your needs. We’re 100% US-based, responsive, and knowledgeable in trading hardware requirements.

Up to 8 Monitors Supported

You have complete control over the component selection process. We provide a broad variety of multi-monitor video card options that fit within every budget.  Fortunately, trading doesn’t require the extremely powerful and expensive GPUs often found on high-end gaming or CAD computers, as trading work is generally two-dimensional. The majority of intensive processing has already been done by your CPU/RAM system, meaning the GPU just has to output those results. Orbital Computers uses GPUs that are optimal for use with common trading platforms including ThinkorSwim, Tradestation, DAS Trader, Ninjatrader and more. Contact us for help deciding which GPU is right for your needs.

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Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 20 × 12 in