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Windows 10 – When To Update


It is our suggestion that you hold off on upgrading to Windows 10 until at least Summer 2016, if not until 2020. Read on for more info.


Microsoft has recently released their latest Windows product – Windows 10. You’ve no doubt heard about it by now and most likely seen a small Windows 10 icon next to the clock in the bottom right side of your screen. Windows 10’s biggest claim to fame, at this point, it is ability to seamlessly integrate as a powerful Operating System for the full range of computing devices; from workstations, to PCs, to tablets, laptops, phones, touchscreen devices Windows 10 will work properly across all your devices. This refined mobile integration provides little to no benefit for most CAD/CAM professionals or stock traders because software for those workloads still runs vastly better on desktops and workstations and as such should continue to be run on those more powerful machines.

Problems with updating

Microsoft has taken the relatively unusual approach (at least for operating systems) of releasing an open beta test for Windows 10. This move has been highly praised by the tech community as it allows millions of users to stress test the software, and in so doing, expose critical bugs, glitches, and security flaws. Microsoft then had time to develop patches for the issues and constantly release revised versions of Windows 10 for more testing. This process has led to a relatively trouble free roll-out of Windows 10.

With that said, there is still no guarantee that all your programs (your CAD software, trading platform, charting packages, etc) will make the transition so smoothly.

The safest route is to wait while software vendors have time to update their software to make certain there are no bugs/glitches with Windows 10. There will be no noticeable performance gains for CAD/CAM or stock trading workloads.

When to make the ‘upgrade’

Windows 7 will continue to receive security updates until 2020 so there is absolutely no need to rush the Windows 10 update. If you purchased a PC from us or otherwise have an authentic version of Windows 7 or 8/8.1, you will be allowed to update to Windows 10 for free until July 2016. If you think you’re going to want to go with Windows 10 sometime before 2020, then it would be suggested to hold off until the last month and update for free in June 2016. If you don’t see the need to go with Windows 10, then you can hold off until 2020, at which point you will need to update to whichever version of Windows is available then as Windows 7 will stop receiving security updates.


There is really no hurry to update to Windows 10 right away. Performance gains for desktop/laptop users will be non-existent to minimal at best and you’ll run the risk of breaking your software. If you’re interested in Windows 10, give software vendors a few more months to port their code over properly and take the free upgrade in June 2016. If you’re like me, and feel ‘if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it’, you can wait until 2020 to update to the whatever will be the OS de jour.