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Silenced C2000 – Reviewed by ConnectPress

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Silenced C2000

We recently sent ConnectPress a fully loaded Silenced C2000 CAD workstation for a thorough breakdown and review. The system we sent over was configured to run the majority of CAD/CAM/CAE modeling software with top of the line results. We prioritized the ever-important single-threaded performance over multi-threaded performance as the great majority of CAD/CAM tasks are single-threaded and benefit from fewer, faster CPU cores rather than a large number of core running at a lower frequency. (Rendering and simulations are two exceptions to that rule – most renders and simulations can be processed across many cores/threads so they would benefit from a system like our C3000 Pro or C5000 Pro.) Additionally, we loaded it up with a high-end Nvidia Quadro M4000 GPU with 8GB GDDR5 VRAM and an Intel 750 NVME PCI-e Solid State Drive that runs about 4 times faster than traditional SSDs and 20 times faster than Hard Disk Drives. (See our review of the Intel 750 SSD here.) The system was supported by premium ancillary components like a fully modular 80 Plus Gold certified Corsair power supply, Gigabyte Ultra-Durable motherboard, Corsair DDR4 RAM, and all wrapped up in a nearly silent package.

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