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X1000 Bundle

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Experience the Trader X1000 – our most highly recommended day trading computer. It comes standard with the latest 10th Generation Intel Core series of processors to power all your indicators and trading platform without skipping a beat. The X1000 can be configured to support up to 12 full HD monitors, though our recommended configuration for most traders is a 4 or 6 monitor system. We’ve included an ultra-fast, high-reliability Solid State Drive which uses solid state NAND Flash memory chips to serve and save data at an average of 7 times faster than the traditional Hard Drives our competitors are offering. The X1000 offers the highest performance, lowest priced option for the professional day trader.


10th Gen Hyper-Threaded Intel Core i7 CPU Standard

Powering the Orbital Trader X1000 is the latest Generation Intel i7 series Central Processing Unit (CPU). The CPU is the brain or engine of your computer – it’s what does the majority of heavy lifting when processing raw data streams into charts and indicators and it’s what runs your trading platform, browser, analysis software, etc. For traders who are running less than 10 charts with an indicator or two on each, the Intel Core i5 10400 will be the most cost effective CPU. For traders who run a dozen or more charts with indicators, more than one trading platform, and/or do heavy multi-tasking, the Intel Core i7 10700 will be the best CPU choice. The i7 Series comes standard with Hyper-Threading Technology (HTT) which doubles the number of processing threads of the system. In short, HTT offers drastically increased multitasking performance for a minimal increase in cost. Click here to configure it now.

Up to 12 Monitors Supported

You have complete control over the component selection process. We provide a broad variety of multi-monitor video card options that fit within every budget. The basic specifications to consider for your trading computer’s video card (also known as GPU) are the number of monitors supported (up to 12 on all Trader X1000s), the types of output ports they have (DVI, VGA, Display Port, etc.), and if they have active or passive (silent) cooling solutions. Fortunately, trading doesn’t require the extremely powerful and expensive GPUs often found on high-end gaming or CAD computers, as trading work is generally two-dimensional. The majority of intensive processing has already been done by your CPU/RAM system, meaning the GPU just has to output those results. However, if you’re planning on streaming around 30 or more charts, it would be advisable to take a GPU option marked as ‘high-performance’ on the configure page for the increased VRAM capacity. Contact us for help deciding which GPU is right for your needs.