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Media and Entertainment Workstations

Orbital Computers enable creative professionals to do what you do best — Create. We build the finest workstations designed specifically for the latest video editing, post production, and animation workloads. Optimized for software stability and speed, Orbital Computers provide absolutely unmatched performance.


Orbital C1000

Cost Effective workstation for most CAD, CAM, and Content Creation professionals. Best Bang-For-Buck. User upgradable for future expansion.

Cost-effective workstation with powerful 14th Gen i7 CPU option. This CPU offers an exceptional blend of high-core count and high operating frequency making it hard to beat a max-performance, minimal-cost workstation CPU.

Orbital C1000

From: $1,175.00

  • 14th Gen Intel Core i5/i7
  • Up To 20 Cores, 28 Threads, 5.4GHz
  • Nvidia Quadro or RTX GPU²
  • Up to 128GB DDR4 RAM
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Silenced C2000

Highly recommended workstation with up to Intel Core i9 14900KF - Fastest Single-Thread PC. Generally provides the most usable performance possible for most tasks by optimizing single-thread speeds.

Fastest single-threaded performance and superb multi-threaded capabilities make the Silenced C2000 the ideal workstation for most workloads. Silence optimized, top of the line supporting components included by default. No cut corners - the best of the best.

Silenced C2000

From: $2,674.00

  • Up to Intel Core i9 14900K
  • Up to 24 Cores, 32 Threads, 6.0GHz³
  • Nvidia Quadro or RTX²
  • Up to 192GB DDR5 RAM
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Silenced C2000A

AMD Ryzen 9 Based Workstation. Incredible chart-topping performance at an affordable price. Up to Ryzen 7950X at 5.7GHz

Exceptional multi-thread performance w/ 7950x3D CPU makes the Silenced C2000A our recommended system for moderately complex multi-threaded workloads including simulation & rendering.

Silenced C2000A

From: $2,452.00

  • AMD Ryzen Up to 7950x3D
  • Up to 16 Cores, 36 Threads, 5.7GHz³
  • Nvidia Quadro or RTX²
  • Up to 128GB DDR5 RAM
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C3000 Pro

Fastest multi-thread workstation with up to 18 cores & 36 threads. Best for Rendering & Simulation

Ultimate CPU performance and multi-GPU expansion. Best for rendering, heavy simulations, and multi-threaded tasks. Offers the strongest mix of high core count while retaining a high operating frequency.

C3000 Pro

From: $3,094.00

  • Intel Core i7/i9 Extreme X299
  • 18 Cores 36 Threads 4.8GHz*
  • Up to 4x Nvidia Quadro and RTX GPUs²
  • Up to 256GB DDR4 RAM
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A5000 Pro

Dual CPU workstation with up to 40 cores & 80 threads. Best for very heavy rendering. Supports 2x GPUs

Ultimate multi-threaded CPU performance and multi-GPU expansion. Supports up to 1.5TB high frequency ECC RAM. Best reserved for heavy rendering and other scalable multi-threaded tasks.

From $4,095

  • Dual Intel Xeon Silver/Gold CPUs
  • Up to 40 Cores 80 Threads 3.7GHz*
  • Supports 3x GPUs
  • Up to 1.5TB ECC DDR4 RAM

About Our Workstations

Workstation Computers

Built For Creative Professionals

Experience what speed really feels like. By relentlessly benchmarking the latest PC hardware with leading video editing, post production, animation and motion graphics software, Orbital Computers are thoughtfully designed squeeze every last ounce of performance out of your media editing software

Key Features:

Your Vision + Orbital Computers = Stunning Results. In Record Time.

Workstations Tailored to your Software
Built and supported in the US

The Orbital Computers Difference


3+ years parts and 5 years labor coverage included at no extra cost on all Orbital Computers.


Our engineers test components from all manufacturers and only the best hardware makes the cut and each PC is individually stress tested before shipment.


We never install excess software like the mainstream brands. Just a clean, machine, tuned to perfection and ready to go out of the box.


Each Orbital computer is purpose-built to match your workload. This is key to making our machines faster and lower priced than the competition.


Every Orbital computer is configured for the precise types of projects it will be handling. Contact us for a personalized build quote.


Our modular approach allows for fast and easy upgrades and repairs. Our desktops never use proprietary components, and are designed with upgradability and ease of use in mind.

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