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What is Hyper-Threading Technology?

Hyper-Threading Technology (HTT) is a proprietary system developed by Intel that increases the multi-tasking capability of CPUs by making one core appear to the operating system as if it were two cores. Intel accomplishes this by allowing two threads of information to be streamed to a single physical CPU core, enabling the operating system to function in a more synchronyzed and efficient manner. HTT offers an extremely cost-effective solution for users who need peak performance and reliability, while keeping the prices reasonable. In the past, one would need to use a PC with several physical processors to acheive similar results, adding significantly greater costs and additional points of failure to the trading system. Today, we offer CPUs that provide similar performance for substantially decreased cost and increased reliability. 

How does Hyper-Threading Technology help stock trading?

Hyper-Threading offers up to 30% better performance over a comparable non-Hyper-Threaded CPU in multi-threaded applications and intensive multitasking workloads. The recent trend in trading platform and streaming chart software development has been increasingly multi-threaded, meaning the developers are writing the code to take advantage of HTT and more powerful processors. At the end of the day, this will lead to improved system performance, decreased slippage, decreased lag, smoother system operation, and a more robust trading computer setup for you. We offer Hyper-Threading Technology on all of our Intel based day trading computers, giving Orbital Computers the edge over the competition!