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Orbital Computers LLC, headquartered in Puyallup Washington, is a leading manufacturer of high-performance custom computers, specializing in professional workstations for CAD/CAM, engineering, media & entertainment, financial analysis/trading, and scientific research. We come from a diverse background in scientific research, retail derivatives trading, and various disciplines within the CAD/DCC space which gives us a unique understanding of what power-users really need in their purpose-built professional workstations. Orbital Computers is dedicated to offering only the finest professional computers with exceptional support, all at industry-low prices.

Four Reasons to Choose Orbital Computers:

1. Lowest Prices - Guaranteed

Orbital Computers' professional workstations are routinely priced between 15% and 40% lower than our competitors' PCs, all while offering higher quality components and industry-leading warranty terms by default.
But don't take our word for it! Compare our systems, specification-for-specification, with those of our competitors. You will find our professional workstations are built with higher quality, higher performance components at a lower price than any of our competitors, guaranteed. If you find a lower price on a comparable system, contact us here and we won't just match their price - we'll beat it ¹.

2. Premium Components

Orbital Computers understands your workflow requires maximum performance with uncompromising up-time. Our commitment to providing ultra-high performance workstations begins with the extensive internal benchmarking and testing we conduct on all the components that ultimately make it onto our production line. Unlike some of our competitors, Orbital Computers isn't beholden to any particular component brand - our engineers have full discretion to test components from any manufacturer and product line so that only the best components make the cut. Every Orbital Computer receives up to 72-hours of non-destructive stress testing before being shipped to ensure hassle-free operation.

3. Thorough Professional Software Understanding

Every customer's needs are different and with workstations of this magnitude, there is no 'one size fits all' solution. We test our workstations with most of the major professional programs in-house to determine where we can increase performance, and perhaps more importantly, where upgrade money would be wasted. Our goal is to provide you with all the power you need while keeping the price to a minimum. Get in touch before ordering and we'll make sure your workstation has everything you need and nothing you don't.

4. Industry-Leading Warranty Standard

All Orbital Computers include our maximum warranty by default. We don't offer any warranty upgrade options because we believe you should have the peace of mind that you'll be covered in the rare event that a software or hardware issue arises. Included at no extra cost on all Orbital Computers is an industry-leading warranty comprised of 3+ years parts and 5 years labor coverage ², free lifetime tech support from US-based, in-house professional support personnel with extensive training on key CAD/CAM/CAE/GIS and financial analysis/trading software. Additionally, our standard warranty includes 2 years on-site service, overnight express parts replacement, lifetime remote tech support, and free fully insured shipping ³ . Our competitors routinely pad their bottom lines by charging upwards of several hundred dollars for warranty 'upgrades' that don't even meet our default terms.

Orbital Computers are developed with only the most reliable components available and each PC is individually stress tested up to 72-hours prior to shipment to ensure hassle-free operation. If a problem does occur, call us at 877-976-7510 to speak to a knowledgeable human right away and we'll resolve the issue as fast as possible. If damage occurs during shipping, we'll expedite a replacement workstation to you and Orbital Computers will cover the shipping bill, both ways. Read more about our shipping practices to see how Orbital Computers takes steps to ensure safe shipment.
¹ All price-match requests are subject to manager approval.
² Many components come with extended parts warranties beyond the standard 3 years Orbital Computers offers. For example, all the RAM we use includes a lifetime warranty on parts!
³ Free shipping to contiguous US only. Expedited shipping options are available. Affordable international and non-contiguous US shipping is available. Please contact us for an exact quote.

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