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Orbital AI-1000

Highly Recommended

Best Bang-For-Buck Workstation

Enjoy massive improvements in your CAD/DCC workflow with the Orbital C1000 – our most highly recommended workstation computer. This full-featured workstation comes standard with Intel’s latest Generation Core i7 series of processors, designed specifically for professionals who need immense CPU performance without breaking the bank. The C1000 can be configured with the most powerful Video Cards available on the market today, including the top of the line NVIDIA Quadro RTX 6000. We’ve included an ultra-fast, high-reliability Solid State Drive which uses solid state NAND Flash memory chips to serve and save data at an average of 7 times faster than the traditional Hard Drives our competitors are offering. The C1000 offers the highest performance, lowest priced option for most professionals.


13th Gen Intel Core i7 CPU

Powering the Orbital C1000 is the latest Generation Intel Core i5 and i7 CPUs. The high operating frequency of the Core i7 CPU makes it the perfect solution for the common single-threaded tasks found in most CAD software, while its extensive multi-threaded processing capabilities make it a tremendously cost-effective CPU for use in rendering and simulations. Coupled with support for up to 128GB of high frequency, low latency DDR4 RAM, the Intel Core i7 is our most highly recommended budget-friendly processor for the majority of CAD/DCC professionals.

ISV-Certified Graphics

You have complete control over the component selection process. We provide a broad variety of NVIDIA RTX 3000 Series and Nvidia Quadro  professional grade video card options that fit within every budget. For modern 3D CAD, CAM, GIS, and Post-Processing software, it is generally advisable to go with the most powerful GPU option while staying within your budget. Secondary to the CPU, a powerful Video Card will offer the best user experience by pushing higher frame-rates, accelerating common computational tasks in compatible programs, and enhancing visualization performance. Contact us for help deciding which GPU is right for your needs.

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Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 22 × 12 in