Most PCs Ship Within 7 Days
Most PCs Ship Within 7 Days
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In light of the ongoing COVID-19 Outbreak and it's substantial impact on electronic component supply chains, Orbital Computers will be providing a weekly update on component availability and current expected lead times for our desktop and laptop workstations.
All Orbital employees are thankfully healthy and have been instructed to stay home if feeling ill. They will receive paid time off if they need to call out sick. We are currently operating at full strength with no degradation in production capacity.

Last Updated:

Washington State has deemed Orbital Computers an 'Essential Business' as a provider or mission critical hardware and IT Support. As such, we will remain fully operational during this lockdown period. We have implemented all best practices in regards to social distancing and active monitoring in combating this virus. 

Desktop Workstation Availability - Most Desktops ship within 3-5 days:

Almost all desktop configurations are available for rapid build, testing, and shipment with no extended lead time (3-5 business days on most desktop workstations). 

We are currently experiencing shortages of the following Desktop Components:

CPUs: Intel Core i9 10980XE Out of Stock

Intel Core i9 9900KS Special Edition sporadically available - contact us before ordering to ensure no extended lead time. 

Laptop Availability - See Below:

MW1000, MW2000 Pro, MW3000 Pro: Most configurations are available, check before ordering for up to date info

Virtual CAD Workstations:

A new offering to our customers - get a high performance Virtual CAD Workstation delivered for your use within 1 Business Hour. 

These Virtual CAD Workstations allow you to use any low powered laptop or tablet with Win 10 Pro that you may have on hand to connect over the internet to our high powered Virtual CAD Workstations to the heavy lifting for your CAD workloads. 

Learn more here:

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